Creating a Legacy by Empowering Goodness, Spreading Happiness

The concept of Aevas was born almost a decade ago when our founder was inspired and moved to create a platform that he could leverage to channel the years of experience and wealth of knowledge he had gathered through his professional life.

A multi-skilled person with experience working as a researcher, finance professional, and social worker, he began with a mission and commitment to the direction – lifting those who seek support, making better families and communities, and giving back what he’s been given.

Thus, Aevas was born. Over the years, we’ve grown, spreading our wings to various businesses, industries, and locations and touching a million lives along the way.

Our services empower businesses to:

A Quick Glance At Our Timeline

2017 – We began with a small team of seasoned financial professionals offering business consulting services.

2017 – We also took our first steps to set up a space for investing in biotech and medical research.

2019 – We started focusing on Ayurveda and explored various manufacturing and distribution services.

2019 – We also took our first steps into the hospitality industry with a focus on travel for wellness.

2020 – As our family grew, we spread into new avenues like media production, manufacturing and materials, and automobiles.

2023 – We are more together than ever as a group, and as our operations become more streamlined, we’re empowered to scale and create global impact by spreading internationally.

Make a Difference

Joining the Aevas group, either as a partner or a team member, is about becoming part of a mission-driven community. Every day, we give our very best by committing fully to our responsibilities and are focused on problem-solving. And every day, we take back the joy of actually making a difference, of touching lives in a positive way, and leaving the community a little better. Here, we believe in the power of our people to drive change and create a better future for all.

Being part of Aevas means being part of something bigger than yourself.