Expanding Horizons, Boosting Local Economies

The hospitality and tourism industry has always been on a whirlwind of transformation, more so in the post-pandemic era. But even before the world embraced new-found love and appreciation for travel and cultural experiences, team Aevas had ventured into the segment with radical ideas to re-invent hospitality and marry it with a more wholesome experience.

Our approach involves fostering new connections, promoting wellness, celebrating cultural heritage, and re-imagining stay experiences while working with local communities to bolster their economies.

Journeys that heal and transform.

Our mission in the hospitality and tourism sector is to redefine the essence of travel. We strive to blend luxury with wellness, and cultural enrichment with relaxation, offering our guests a holistic approach to vacations and retreats. At Aevas International, we believe in the power of travel to heal, inspire, and connect, driving us to create offerings that are unique, meaningful, and respectful of the communities and environments we operate in.
Nexkare Hospitality
Focused primarily on hospitality consultancy, Nexkare Hospitality provides expert advice and solutions to hotel owners and chains. They help hotels understand their challenges better and develop unique strategies and solutions that will help them improve operations and increase profitability.
Trawells 4 Health Pvt Ltd
Specializing in health and wellness tourism, Trawells 4 Health offers a curated selection of medical health packages and Ayurvedic wellness retreats. Their focus is on promoting healing, wellness, and balance, providing guests with opportunities to embark on personalized health journeys in serene and nurturing environments.

Our Journey So Far

Even as we continue to innovate and evolve in the hospitality industry, there are a few notable milestones along that journey. And going forward, we will stay committed to our passion for creating exceptional experiences for our guests.
We have consistently achieved high guest satisfaction ratings, recognising our commitment to quality, personalised service, and guest-centric experiences.
Integrated Ayurvedic and medical wellness into the travel experience, setting new industry standards for health and wellness tourism.
Successfully expanded our hotel and resort locations to cover key tourist destinations in Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala, with plans for pan-India presence.

Empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve financial goals with strategic business advisory and consulting services.

Redefining the travel and stay experience with the right mix of wellness and cultural packages.

At the forefront of groundbreaking research in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, and healthcare.

A fruitful amalgamation of creativity, storytelling, and visualization for developing inspiring content and media solutions for businesses.

Driving change in the automotive industry with eco-friendly and efficient transportation options.

Ramping up the manufacturing industry with high-quality, sustainable manufacturing practices to improve efficiency and environmental responsibility.