Empowering the nation with self-reliance

When it comes to manufacturing and materials, Aevas International has always stood strong on its commitment to innovation and quality. It has always been more than product creation – it’s about pioneering manufacturing processes that challenge current efficiency standards, deliver sustainability, and enhance precision.

The journey of perfection with High Toughened Glasses

Aevas ventured into manufacturing with High Toughened Glasses with profound dedication to quality, innovation, and precision.

We understand that perfection is not a destination but a continuous journey. It’s about pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and constantly evolving to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our clients.

On a mission to redefine the manufacturing space.

Innovative Processes

Our manufacturing process has been enhanced with innovative techniques and advanced instruments designed to optimise productivity and improve quality while staying aligned with industry best practices.

Durability and Safety

The company specialises in toughened glass that offers unparalleled durability and safety. For businesses, this translates into products and structures that not only withstand the test of time but also enhance user safety.

Sustainability at the Core

As is true with everything under the Aevas touch, here too we have put in place practices and processes that help us reach our sustainability goals significantly. From eco-friendly material procurement to efficient resource distribution, we wear our commitment on our sleeves.

When it comes to quality manufacturing, we do not cut corners.

Empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve financial goals with strategic business advisory and consulting services.

Redefining the travel and stay experience with the right mix of wellness and cultural packages.

At the forefront of groundbreaking research in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, and healthcare.

A fruitful amalgamation of creativity, storytelling, and visualization for developing inspiring content and media solutions for businesses.

Driving change in the automotive industry with eco-friendly and efficient transportation options.

Ramping up the manufacturing industry with high-quality, sustainable manufacturing practices to improve efficiency and environmental responsibility.