Guiding Excellence, Inspiring Success

At the helm of Aevas International stands a distinguished Board of Directors, who have played a pivotal role in steering our conglomerate to success. Led by our Founder and Chairman, Dr. Sojan Vettukallel Avirachan, the team represents the very best of Aevas.

Every member of our board brings to the table a vast experience from their respective industries and thereby a wealth of insight and guidance that empowers us to take strategic decisions. Their diverse backgrounds encompass technology, finance, healthcare, sustainability, and beyond, ensuring a well-rounded perspective on both opportunities and challenges.

Progress is about lifting each other up: A Chairman’s perspective

“Aevas was established with a mission – to offer support to those who seek it, to create opportunities to bring out the best in mankind, and to leave a happier, safer, world for the generations to come.

For me, getting the right people and talent to help us realize our goals has always been important. Our strong leadership and executive team, together embody the vision and values of Aevas, leading with integrity and a forward-thinking approach that has been instrumental in our journey thus far. And as the custodians of our mission, we are committed to keeping Aevas at the forefront of change, making significant contributions to our industries, communities, and the planet.”

Dr. Sojan Vettukallel Avirachan
Founder & Chairman, Aevas International

The Leadership

Meet the group of seasoned professionals and visionary thinkers who are dedicated to driving our mission forward. Hailing from diverse backgrounds in technology, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and more, they bring a unique perspective and a rich blend of expertise, passion, and innovation to the table.
Anila Sojan

Managing Director – Aevas Business Solutions

Jokson Joy
General – Manager
Anwar C. P.
AGM- Finance
AGM – Operations
Vinod Gopal
HGO Ayurveda
Nithin A. M.
HR Manager
Finance Manager
Albin Benny
Accounts Manager
Sreehari V Muraleedhar
Media Head
Visionary Thinking
Our leadership consists of visionaries who are capable of planning for years ahead while not missing a beat on the current challenges and opportunities.
Agility and Flexibility
The importance of adapting and transforming in response to the dynamics of today’s rapidly changing market is inherent in our processes.
Research and Learning
There’s a lot of emphasis placed on building the platform for continuous research and development as the key for innovation and development
Strategic Partnerships
Forming strategic alliances and building the right network of talents, skills, and opportunities is highly valued by our leadership team.